Wholesale Woven Baskets

Trays & Baskets No HandlesBaskets With Top HandleTrays & Baskets Side HandlesFabric Covered Baskets
Trays & Baskets No HandlesBaskets With Top HandleTrays & Baskets Side HandlesFabric Covered Baskets
$0.66 - $33.88101 Styles
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Wood Slat Farm Baskets
Wood Slat Farm Baskets
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Wholesale Woven Baskets

Woven containers can serve so many purposes in both personal and professional settings. In the home they can provide both function and style, providing an excellent form of storage for items in closets and cupboards, on shelves, in drawers, and on counters and other surfaces. They can also be used for a variety of decorative purposes such as holding fruit or candy (or other edible arrangements), displaying potted plants, consolidating media, housing craft supplies, or providing an attractive way to store throw blankets, among many other uses. And of course, rustic woven containers are an excellent base for packaging gifts for family and friends to better enjoy those precious moments. In the business setting, sturdy, these containers may be employed as a way to display and organize merchandise or even package goods for sale. If you like to send out promotional items or gift baskets to clients, vendors, partners, and so on, the products at Paper Mart offer a convenient way to easily assemble any type of gift basket. And there are so many options for woven baskets to choose from.

Handle Baskets

Paper Mart features several different handle containers for your convenience. Whether you're looking for the classic appeal of a single handle that arches over the basket or you need the utility, strength, and open top provided by two handles, you'll find the options you need for every project when you shop at PaperMart.com. And you can use handles for their intended purpose of carrying or as an additional opportunity to decorate by winding them with ribbons and tulle or adorning them with all manner of embellishments.

No Handle Baskets and Trays

Woven storage containers without handles can provide just as much utility in the home or at work as those that feature handles. Sea grass basket trays are a beautiful way to display fruit or decorative elements like seashells or glass fishing floats in the home, you can fill them with bagels and pastries for conferences at the office, or they can be placed in retail stores to display any number of products. Woven rush baskets can provide the sturdy surface you need to store or transport nearly anything. And diamond braid baskets are the perfect complement to powder rooms, where they handily display towels and soaps for you or your guests.

Farm Baskets

Durable, wood slat farm containers are often used to store or display fruit, but you can find myriad uses for them. In a decorative sense, they provide a good way to display plants, hiding plain and inexpensive pots. But you might also use them in the garage as a place to store gardening tools. Store owners can use shallow farm containers for counter displays and taller ones for floor displays. And colorful farm baskets woven with dyed strips of bamboo, willow, raffia, or other materials offer additional decorative appeal.

Basket Boxes and Market Trays

The beauty of basket boxes is that they can either be arranged inside larger containers to group, contain, or otherwise organize smaller items, or you can stuff them with paper shred or tissue and use them in place of larger gift boxes for gift giving or other purposes.

Cardboard trays (also known as market trays) are made of sturdy cardboard and feature handy side handles. Market trays are good for gift giving and using in retail spaces. They also make excellent storage solutions. Use market trays for both personal and business needs.

Fabric Lined Baskets

Any time you're worried about loose items slipping through the cracks or you want to add an extra element of decoration to your displays, containers lined in colored and patterned textiles can offer the form and function you crave. With Paper Mart's selection of woven baskets to choose from, along with the many additional items needed to fill, wrap, and adorn them, you can make the most of any home or business project that requires the use of a storage or gift container.