Wood Trays

Wood Trays

An unfinished wood tray offers a variety of uses. That’s why Paper Mart offers wood trays in many different shapes and sizes. We want to ensure that you’ll find a tray suitable for your project or storage needs in our collection, which includes scalloped trays, divided trays, and tray sets. If you need these items for a last-minute project or gift, don’t worry. Paper Mart’s products are always in stock and ready to be shipped to you the same day you place your order.

Items in our unfinished wood tray collection can be used for:
  • Organizing small items, such as nails and screws, computer parts, children’s toys, jewelry, gemstones, seed collections, or beads
  • Creative gift packaging
  • Storing spices, tea bags, or other items for use in the kitchen
  • Creating a small display case that can be hung on the wall
  • Craft projects for kids and adults
  • Setting potted seedlings indoor by a window or outside on a patio

Use an Unfinished Wooden Tray for a Colorful Crafting Adventure

Unfinished wood makes a great base for acrylic paints, which means these trays are perfect for a variety of crafting ideas. You can get wild and splash them in color or paint each section of the tray in its own shade to use for color-coded organization. You can even use the sectioned trays as interesting picture frames. Simply stick snapshots on the bottom of each section and then place knick knacks, stones, flowers, or anything else you like in front. Then hang it on the wall for display.

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