Wood Slat Farm Baskets

Wood Slat Farm Baskets

Rustic Pieces for a Country Feel                       

If you love having a rustic, country look in your home or office, then wood slat farm baskets from Paper Mart are a great addition. Made from natural wood slats that are simply bent to create an ideal shape, these baskets are a great way to bring a farm style feeling into your urban environment. Baskets are made from unfinished wood to ensure each piece is as beautiful as it is useful.

Pick Your Favorite Size

Wood slat farm baskets are available in various sizes so you can find one to fit your décor needs. Large peck baskets are great for storing everything, from blankets and bedding to produce and children’s toys. Handmade braid baskets work well in kitchens for holding snacks or as great fall themed centerpieces. No matter which style is your favorite, all our baskets are American-made and built to last.

Creative Gift Baskets

Aside from being great storage pieces or décor accents, the wood slat farm baskets from Paper Mart also make great gift baskets. Whether you choose a peck farm basket with handles or a simple bentwood tray, you can create charming, rustic themed gifts. Fill them with pieces of fruit, pastries, or wine for a unique and thoughtful gift idea. Shop Paper Mart today to find everything you need!