Bulk Tulle Fabric Rolls

Tulle Bolts
Premium Colored Tulle In BoltsEconomy Colored Polyester Tulle In BoltsShimmer Tulle BoltsSparkling Tulle Bolts
Premium Colored Tulle In BoltsEconomy Colored Polyester Tulle In BoltsShimmer Tulle BoltsSparkling Tulle Bolts
$16.78 - $42.6735 Styles
$8.46 - $24.0024 Styles
$18.519 Styles
$41.755 Styles
Fine Mesh Tulle BoltsLace Fabric
Fine Mesh Tulle BoltsLace Fabric
$17.319 Styles
$21.242 Styles
Tulle Bags And Bows
Tulle CirclesPolka Dot Tulle Bags8-1/2" Prima Tulle & Satin Pom Pom Pull Bows
Tulle CirclesPolka Dot Tulle Bags8-1/2" Prima Tulle & Satin Pom Pom Pull Bows
$0.0411 Styles
$0.33 - $0.483 Styles
$1.122 Styles

Bulk Tulle Fabric Rolls

The uses for tulle fabric are many and varied. And you can find the products that will suit your needs on PaperMart.com. This airy fabric is the perfect solution for making ethereal garments like flouncy skirts and barely-there veils, wrapping party favors, embellishing gift baskets, and decorating event venues, just to list a few potential uses for this extremely versatile fabric. The hexagonal mesh construction makes this material durable, despite its delicate appearance, and ensures that it will never fray. And you can accomplish different effects by spreading, scrunching, twisting, or even starching your fabric. Also, it tends to hold its shape, bouncing back even if you twist or tie it. If you want a textile that offers tensile strength paired with visual elegance, look no further than tulle fabric and the wide selection of products offered by Paper Mart. 

Bolts Fabric

Bolts of fabric can provide both the width and length required to make large projects appear seamless. Consider decorations for a wedding, a birthday party, or even corporate events. You might want to hang swaths of this fabric from the center of the ceiling to the walls, spreading them out and placing blown balloons inside to suspend them over the heads of guests. Or you could hang strings of decorative lights from floor to ceiling, draping them with gauzy for effect. You can lay it over tablecloths for a pop of color or wrap it around chair backs for added visual interest and a cohesive color scheme. And of course, it is perfect for airy veils and gauzy gowns alike. With bolts of fabric material from Paper Mart you can accomplish even the largest jobs with color, sparkle, shimmer, and dozens of other options for every design you can dream up. 

Rolls Of Tulle

Rolls are ideal for any number of smaller craft projects, from decorative pursuits like bows on vases or throw pillow, wrapped basket handles, holiday wreaths made with wire wreath frames, and hanging poms, to practical uses like tutus, hair accessories, gift wrapping, table dressings, fill for gift baskets or boxes, and drapery ties. The uses for this material are only limited by your imagination, and rolls of this beautiful fabric give you the long, slender strips that will serve a variety of purposes and provide for ease of use. Paper Mart offers a variety of rolls that are fine or coarse, sparkling or shimmery, dotted or lacy, and available in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. 

Tulle Circles

You might think the only use for pre-cut tulle circles is to hold wedding favors like candy-coated chocolates. But this is hardly the case. While these circles are definitely convenient when it comes to bundling candy, confetti, or even corsages, you can also use them in a decorative capacity. By twisting and tying tulle circles at the center to create decorative faux flowers, you could assemble beautiful and unexpected centerpieces for your dining table or even a large event. Or you can place them between chargers and glass plates to add extra color to place settings.

Fabric Options

Used as material for a tutu skirt for women, pom pom craft projects, and numerous party decorations, this fabric really does add something to the world of decoration. Paper Mart is proud to offer so many options on tulle, including a wide variety of dimensions (including some of the more popular dimensions of 54" wide, 40 yards in length and 6" wide, 25 yards in length). No matter your needs where this fabric is concerned, the solutions you seek are available on PaperMart.com. With hundreds of fabric options to choose from, as well as the ribbons, bows, and other embellishments you need, no project is outside the realm of possibility.

DIY Tutus

DIY tutus are easy to make with a little bit of fabric and satin ribbon! Paired with the right shirt, tutus can make an easy last minute costume, an adorable birthday outfit for your little one, or a fun outfit for a girl's night out! See how to make an easy DIY tulle tutu on our blog