Finding the right economical storage solution can be a challenge. Luckily, your search just got a little easier with Paper Mart! We offer a selection of baskets, wood and cardboard trays and totes for storage options at wholesale prices. Every one of our cardboard tray options is durable, practical, and budget-friendly.

Easy to Use

In comparison to our cardboard box trays that have self-locking sides, our market trays are already set up. This gives you the extra assurance that the market trays will stay together, while providing a simple, yet effective storage and gift basket solution that can go mobile. The market trays are also great for presenting products and using in retail spaces as well.

Our basket trays are available with or without handles, making them easy to store and/or carry items. They also make great gift baskets by using cellophane or shrink wrap and tying off with a bow. Best of all, you can use them over and over for various projects, as they provide the durable versatility to fit your unique needs.

Sturdy Containers for Extra Storage

At Paper Mart, you will find durable cardboard trays and cardboard totes that are perfect for storing files and other supplies for your office or workstation. For larger storage needs, we also carry wood and natural fiber trays built with sturdier construction. These heavy-duty options provide you with a reliable container to store a significantly large amount of weight. Regardless of what you use your container for, you can rest assured that it is high-quality and long-lasting.

Find the right storage solutions for your home or office at Paper Mart!