Tear Proof Envelopes

Tear Proof Envelopes

Secure Items for Shipping                                  

Securing items for shipping is important, regardless if they are being sent to customers or family. With tear-proof envelopes from Paper Mart, you will be able to confidently send a variety of items. Made from tough, tear-proof plastic with high-strength seams that are ideal for overstuffing, these envelopes stand up to the rigors of the mailing process. Our envelopes ensure that your items reach their destination in excellent condition, whether you’re sending something as simple as a document or something as complex as a personalized kit.

Not only are these tear-proof envelopes strong enough to be safely and securely mailed, but they are easy to use as well. All of the envelopes offered by Paper Mart have self-sealing closures, allowing you to pull off the adhesive strip and firmly press the flap for a tight seal. These lightweight envelopes will also save you money on postage and handling charges!

Keep Items Confidential

While our tear-proof envelopes are great for protecting items from the elements, including moisture, dirt, and dust, they are also the perfect protection from prying eyes. We offer several envelope varieties that have a colored matte coating to add an extra level of privacy for customers. Use these when sending documents and other materials where confidentiality is of the utmost importance. For extra protection, pre-wrap more fragile items in our bubble-out bags or foam mailers.