At Paper Mart, our selection of more than 26,000 packaging and gift wrap products includes many designs that you can’t find elsewhere, but we’ve also saved room for the basic supplies. And no matter what you’re packaging or wrapping, you’re going to need tape. With so many styles of tape to choose from, ranging from packing tape to floral tape, Paper Mart is the perfect place to stock up on this packaging essential.

Tape: A Packing Necessity

At home or the office, tape is a must-have supply. While all tape performs the same essential function, there are a lot of different types of tape that are ideally suited for different tasks. These are just a few of the kinds of tape we sell at Paper Mart:

  • Carton Sealing Tape: This essential packing tape is our best seller in the clear acrylic self-adhesive version, though we offer a variety of different styles. Packing tape is an absolute necessity, especially when you’re shipping or mailing boxes.
  • Pressure Sensitive Tape: Pressure-sensitive tape is great for taping boxes tight and ensuring that they stay sealed. Some of the most familiar types of pressure-sensitive tape include masking tape, duct tape, and standard cello tape, which is great for gift wrapping. We also have vinyl colored tape that is highly abrasion resistant, PVC tape which offers a strong rubber-based adhesive, and hook-and-loop tape, which works like velcro and is a great find for sewing projects.
  • Floral Tape: Packing tape is a basic essential, but we also sell more specialized types of tape, like floral tape. A good floral tape is strong and stretchy, and adheres to flower stems without sticking to your hands to help you create beautiful flower arrangements and corsages. We even have waterproof floral tape that provides a firm hold, even when wet.
  • Double-Sided and Transfer Tape: Double-sided and transfer tapes are sticky on both sides, so they’re useful for permanent mounting and even for tasks like hanging pictures on the wall.
  • Tape Dispensers: It’s far easier to use tape with a dispenser than simply off the roll. Paper Mart stocks a variety of professional-grade tape dispensers designed to make it easy to work with carton sealing, plastic, and cello tapes. So you can get the job done in a jiffy!

    Because we sell our tape in large quantities, we can provide our customers with a deep discount. You won’t find more affordable tape anywhere else.Paper Mart is your one-stop resource for all your packing needs like packing tape. We’re dedicated to providing the fastest and easiest customer service experience possible, and most orders ship out on the same day we receive them.