Wholesale Tags

Wholesale Tags

While you’re working hard to keep your retail business running, it’s helpful to know that the basics are already taken care of. At Paper Mart, we carry thousands of the basic paper and packaging products, like merchandise tags,  that your company needs and bring them all to you at affordable prices. Our selection includes a number of different products designed to make tagging your merchandise as simple as possible.

Price Your Wares for a Low Price

Paper Mart’s stock of tagging products makes it easy to price your merchandise quickly and get to the important business of selling it. We offer a variety of price tag products including merchandise tags with string, merchandise tags without string, wire and plastic fasteners to hold the tags in place, and barbs and needles for your tag gun. We’ve even got special tags you can use to indicate that an item has been sold or to mark other special situations like sales and overstock. When you purchase merchandise tags with string, or any of our other merchandise tagging products, you can rest assured that you’re getting the lowest wholesale price out there.

America’s Largest Discount Paper and Packaging Supply Store

At Paper Mart, we pride ourselves on a long legacy of being the country’s largest discount paper and packaging supply store. While our family owned and operated business serves a wide range of clients and individuals, we specialize in retail, food, and industrial packaging items that companies need to receive quickly, reliably, and at a reasonable cost. Our wholesale prices are the lowest around, and our infrastructure is designed for maximum efficiency allowing us to ship most orders on the same business day that we receive them.

Paper and packaging products are an essential part of running a retail business, but you don’t want to spend too much time searching for the best deals on them when you have products to sell. With our low prices, efficient service, and quality products, Paper Mart is the perfect place to shop for everything from shipping boxes to merchandise tags. Browse our full selection today to see how we can streamline your retail operations and help you focus on growing your business.