Tag Guns

Tag Guns

Tag the items in your retail store quickly and easily with tagging guns from Paper Mart. Our easy to use and lightweight, fatigue-free tagging system will help you streamline the process of attaching tags to your merchandise. A tag gun like this is perfect for attaching tags to products like:
  •     Clothing
  •     Accessories
  •     Plush Toys
  •     Housewares
The simple process of using a tagging gun is easy to master. Just use the gun to shoot the barb through the tag hole, locking it onto your item. If you ever need replacement needles, barbs, or tags, you’ll find those at Paper Mart.

Packaging’s Finishing Touch

Tags may be the last thing we add to our merchandise packaging, but they’re one of the most important parts. In addition to communicating prices to your customers and making your products easy to ring up at the register, tags can also provide a branding opportunity, allowing you to attach your logo to a product. Tagging guns make it easy to attach tags, and help you ensure that they’re locked onto your merchandise in a way that is tamper-proof, ensuring that you’ll be able to make the appropriate profit from your items.

At Paper Mart, you’ll find products and tools that cover your needs at every step of the packaging process, starting with containers and ending with tags. Shop our online store today to create great packaging at an affordable price!