Table Items & Paper Straws

CupsFood Trays & PlatesNapkinsPaper Doilies
CupsFood Trays & PlatesNapkinsPaper Doilies
$0.02 - $0.1520 Styles
$0.02 - $0.3561 Styles
$0.04 - $1.1622 Styles
$0.01 - $0.2372 Styles
Table CoversUtensilsClear Square Glass VasesClear Flared Glass Vases
Table CoversUtensilsClear Square Glass VasesClear Flared Glass Vases
$0.93 - $2.0541 Styles
$0.06 - $1.1613 Styles
$4.68 - $7.644 Styles
$9.381 Style
Plastic Champagne FlutesChevron Patterned Paper StrawsDot Patterned Paper StrawsStripe Patterned Paper Straws
Plastic Champagne FlutesChevron Patterned Paper StrawsDot Patterned Paper StrawsStripe Patterned Paper Straws
$0.593 Styles
$0.0910 Styles
$0.0910 Styles
$0.099 Styles
Glass JarsPlace Cards
Glass JarsPlace Cards
$0.17 - $3.4526 Styles
$0.03 - $0.056 Styles

Table Items & Paper Straws

Whether you’re planning an indoor soiree, a birthday BBQ, or need paper straws for a picnic, Paper Mart has you covered. We have a number of cups, paper straws, plates, napkins, table covers and more to stock your table. 


We offer a variety of paper cups to meet your needs. Our paper cone-shaped cups are great for water coolers to keep your office hydrated or to offer your clients a refreshing drink. We also carry paper cups for hot drinks like coffee or tea.

Our plastic cups are very versatile and are perfect for water, iced tea, soda, or any other cold beverage. We offer a wide range of colored party cups as well. These are great for parties, outdoor events, and more.

Plates and Trays

Our colored party plates come in a range of colors and can be coordinated with our colored party cups, napkins, and paper straws. They look even better when paired with our colorful table covers. Our biodegradable option is great for parties, around the office, in the cafeteria, or even at cafes. Made from molded sugarcane fiber, these sturdy plates can handle any food, hot or cold. We also have biodegradable food trays. These are the perfect option for environmentally conscious cafeterias and kitchens. 


With all that eating and drinking going on, people will definitely need a little something to help them keep clean. Our deluxe napkins can handle all of the everyday spills and messes that happen all too often at our dinner tables. We offer colored party napkins and paper straws, too. These pair well with our colored party cups and plates. For high-quality dinners and parties where silverware is not available, we have dinner napkins with banquet quality disposable spoons, forks, and knives.

Table Covers

Not all table top items are for serving food or beverages. In fact, one of the most important table items is the one that covers it! We have heavy duty plastic table covers available in a selection of colors and sizes. Pair these with our colored cups, plates, and napkins for your next party.

If you want to cover the tables at your restaurant, cafeteria, or banquet, we offer linen table covers and sheets that are great for everyday use or for a special event.


If you’re in an environment where real silverware isn’t an option, then you want plastic utensils. We offer a variety of plastic dinnerware that will work well in an office, at a party, or in your food service location. If you want a better quality utensil that still has the option of disposability, we have banquet-quality plasticware as well.


Our tableware goes beyond utensils, plates, and cups. We also carry several essentials for beautiful centerpieces. Choose from a selection of:

All of these items can be used to make beautiful centerpieces. Whether you are looking for feathers to embellish a floral arrangement or marbles to fill a vase or mason jar, you'll find a large selection of colors and options.

Let Us Set Your Table

When you’re looking for the perfect tableware and party supplies, think of us first. At Paper Mart, we’ve been providing high quality paper and packaging goods for almost a hundred years! Whether you’re an individual looking to throw a party, or a business looking to stock your supply room, we have plastic cups and table top items galore. Contact Paper Mart today for your table supplies.