Tab Top Tote Bags & Tent Boxes


Tab Top Tote Bags & Tent Boxes

Tote boxes, box bags and tent bags are perfect for packaging small items or treats. The products differ slightly from one another but serve the same general purpose. To choose the best item for individual needs, it is important to understand each product and to determine which one best fits the purpose.

What Are Tote Boxes?

Tote boxes are small bag-like boxes that have a defined handle. Paper Mart's bag-like tote boxes typically come with tab tops. These are elongated holes in the top portion of each larger side of the box bag. When the sides are pressed together, the elongated holes form a sturdy handle. Some tab-top tote boxes have a small flap that folds over from below one hole and through the other. This helps keep the top of the tote box sealed. Some products also come with Velcro strips inside of the bag at the top to keep it closed tighter.

What Are Box Bags?

Box bags are best described as a hybrid product of a box and a bag. They are designed similar to a box in the way that they fold. The products are also durable. However, they are designed in appearance similar to a bag. While a box usually has four sides that fold together to close at the top, a box bag may have a tab top or a folding top. The tops of these products are pressed together and folded over.

What Are Tent Bags?

Tent bags are similar to box bags and tote boxes. Paper Mart's tent bags are box-like in appearance. However, some of the products come with a fold-over flap on one side that is longer than the other side. When the flap folds over, it seals by connecting with a slit on the opposite shorter side of the tent bag. This allows for stickers, card face or other items to easily be affixed over the closure point of the flap.

Choosing The Right Size Of Tote Box

Paper Mart offers a variety of tote bag and tote box sizes. The best way to determine an optimal size of bag is to think about what will be put in it. If possible, measure the item or items that will be placed in the bag. Measure them from top to bottom and from front to back. This will provide a better idea of the best size of tote box to choose.

Choosing The Right Style Of Tote Box

Paper Mart has a wide variety of colors and patterns of tote bags. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing styles. Since Paper Mart often adds new products, both new and returning customers should browse the style inventory to see which designs best fit individual needs. There are enough style choices to meet nearly any taste or purpose. In addition to the paper tote bags Paper Mart offers, there are also clear plastic tent boxes and tote boxes.

Uses For Tote Boxes And Tote Bags

There are several uses for tote bags and tote boxes. They make great products for packaging baked goods, candy, small gifts, dog treats, party favors, wedding favors and much more. Some boxes are simple enough to fit the most modest party, and some boxes are elegant enough to fit the most lavish party or wedding. For attractive prices on both large and small orders, browse Paper Mart's inventory of tote boxes.