Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

Slope RibbonJenna Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
Slope RibbonJenna Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
$3.2410 Styles
$5.11 - $8.7012 Styles

Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

Make Unique Packages

A lot of packages are wrapped in brown paper or clear cellophane and stuffed into a cardboard box. Why send bland packages when there are so many ways to create exciting presentations? With Paper Mart’s help, you can add a splash of color with ribbon or colored cellophane, and improve your package’s visual appeal.

If you love ribbon and want the perfect ribbon style, then look no further than Paper Mart’s vast grosgrain selection, including our popular striped grosgrain ribbon.

What makes grosgrain ribbons so popular is the shape of their weave. With a tight fabric construction, these ribbons—like our Center Stitch striped grosgrain ribbon—are durable and have a special ribbed texture, which is ideal for distinguishing colorful designs.

Grosgrain Ribbons in All Styles

The selection of grosgrain ribbons at Paper Mart offers plenty of options. We aren’t satisfied with plainly striped grosgrain ribbon; instead, our grosgrain ribbon wholesale collection includes center stitched, slope, multi-line, heavy weave, and more. While other ribbons are dyed to create vibrant colors, the colors in our grosgrain ribbons are woven in to give each product a handmade, personal look.

Whether you’re tying a ribbon into a child’s hair or wrapping a package, Paper Mart has the selection to help you find something elegant and appropriate to serve as the perfect embellishment.