Stretch Wrap Dispenser

Stretch Wrap Dispenser

At Paper Mart, we know the importance of protecting your packages in transit, so we have a great stock of stretch wrap and strapping products that will help you protect your products. Stretch wrap is an outstanding packaging tool ideal for binding products together to keep them safe during transport and storage. At Paper Mart, we’ve got a great stock of stretch wrap products, but we also have the tools that you need to use them effectively. With a stretch wrap dispenser from Paper Mart, you’ll be able to:
  • Bind pallets
  • Wrap products together
  • Easily use banding film to reinforce packages
These wraps pack your items safely and effectively, and with a dispenser from Paper Mart, you’ll be able to easily implement them at an affordable price.

Reduce Stress on Your Hands

Since these wraps work by stretching out tightly over the products they are being wrapped around, it can be stressful on your hands. This is why a stretch wrap dispenser is so useful. Using a dispenser offloads the tension required to make stretch wrap work effectively. When you use a dispenser, you’re reducing the stress on your hands and on your boxes.

At Paper Mart, you’ll find everything you need to package your products and get them to their destination intact. Shop today to find every packaging essential, from boxes and accents to strapping and stretch wrap, at an affordable wholesale price!