Stretch Loops Trims & Ties

Braid & TrimsCordsGarlandSequins
Braid & TrimsCordsGarlandSequins
$1.65 - $16.19304 Styles
$1.15 - $28.16280 Styles
$0.33 - $12.8945 Styles
$3.86 - $16.1992 Styles
Stretch LoopsString & TwineTassels
Stretch LoopsString & TwineTassels
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Stretch Loops Trims & Ties

When wrapping packages, there’s no better way to finish off the look than with a decorative trim, tie, or cord. At Paper Mart, we’ve got everything you need to wrap gifts that look just as special on the outside as they are on the inside. We have more than 850 trim types including popular styles like classic ric rac trim and easy to use stretch loops.

Paper Mart Trims: The Perfect Finishing Touch

Going the extra mile to wrap a gift or package in an attractive manner is a great way to bring a smile to someone’s face and let them know how much they mean to you. Once you’ve selected the perfect gift box, bag, or wrapping paper, complete the job with trim from Paper Mart. Trim from Paper Mart also makes a great inspirational starting point for any number of crafts, costume ideas, and event decorations. Some of our most popular trim types include:

  • Ric Rac Trim: The classic, wavy look of ric rac has been a popular choice for crafters, sewers, and gift wrappers for decades. It brings a sweet, retro charm to everything it decorates. Paper Mart has over 50 different colors and patterns of ric rac.
  • Ruffle Ribbon: Ruffle ribbon trim provides a sweet and sophisticated look. Paper Mart carries over 30 different colors and patterns of ruffle ribbon.
  • Rat Tail Cord: Rat tail cord is particularly popular for jewelry making including fiber bracelets. Paper Mart has numerous different colors of this woven cord.
  • Sequin Trim: The dramatic and flashy look of sequins is always a perfect finishing touch on event decorations, costumes, and other craft projects.
  • Garland Trim: If you’re looking for a way to make a gift-wrapped package more festive, stunning metallic garlands are the way to go. They also make excellent party decorations.
  • Stretch Loops: Stretch loops are the perfect way to finish off your gift wrap in a nearly effortless manner: just stretch them around the box for a perfect bow and ribbon or cord trim look every time. Stretch loops are also a great finishing touch for commercial packaging on items like candy boxes.

If you’re looking for ric rac trim or any other kind of decorative trimming material, Paper Mart is the place to find it at low wholesale prices. Don’t forget to shop our massive selection of more than 27,000 paper and packaging products for all of the wrapping and craft supplies you need!