Strapping Tapes

Strapping Tapes

At Paper Mart, we’ll help you make sure that your products and packages arrive at their final destination safely. We have all the products and tools you need to feel confident in your shipping process. When you’re putting together a box, whether stapling or taping it together, you need to know that it will survive the weight of the products inside as well as the hardships of the shipping process. Reinforcing the box with filament strapping tape can give you that confidence. Our selection of strapping tapes are useful for:
  • Sealing boxes
  • Holding together palettes
  • Reinforcing package strength
  • Bundling products
With 20+ options to choose from, you’ll be able to find the strength and size to suit your packaging needs.

Protect Your Boxes During Shipping

Filament strapping tape is useful because it has strong tensile strength, allowing them to endure enormous pressure. The tape film is reinforced with fiberglass filaments, which makes this type of tape much stronger than other forms of packing tape that lack such reinforcement. These strong strapping tapes are key for anyone who needs to ship.

At Paper Mart, we have everything you need to safely ship your products to wherever they need to go. From shipping cartons to strong filament strapping, you’ll always be able to meet your shipping needs at Paper Mart. Shop today for all your packaging needs!