Strapping & Supplies

Strapping & Supplies

When packaging products, it’s important to ensure that they are safe from possible damage. This is why Paper Mart carries more than 200 different types of strapping supplies including metal, polypropylene, and polyester strapping materials. We help you reinforce and protect your packages whether they’re in storage or en route to their destination.

Protect Packages With Strapping from Paper Mart

When packaging precious cargo, you want the box to be as reinforced and protected as possible. This is why strapping is such a common process in the packing industry. At Paper Mart, we are committed to helping our customers protect their packages with high quality strapping products. We offer basic strapping in a variety of materials including metal, polypropylene, and polyester strapping.

  • Metal Strapping: Metal strapping is most useful when you need your straps to provide a high level of strength without stretching. Heavy and rugged loads are best protected by this tough material.
  • Polypropylene Strapping: Polypropylene strapping is a highly economical way to provide protection for your products, but it does not stand up to temperature changes as well as some other types of strapping. Paper Mart offers a variety of different strengths of polypropylene to meet many different reinforcement needs.
  • Polyester Strapping: Polyester strapping is a premium solution that offers a high level of strength along with resistance and durability. This type of strapping is incredibly functional and remains an affordable choice for package reinforcement.
No matter which material is best for the type of items you are shipping, each one of our Paper Mart strapping products will protect your products in transit at an affordable price.

Strapping Is Simple With the Right Tools and Supplies

You need more than just the strapping itself to protect your packages efficiently, and Paper Mart carries all the tools and supplies it takes to simplify this essential stage in the packaging process. We have strapping tools including dispenser carts for your strapping rolls, sealing tape, banding film, clips, buckles, and even edge and corner protectors for your palettes. As you place your strapping order, be sure to order the appropriate tools for the plastic or metal strapping that you’ve chosen.

At Paper Mart, we specialize in providing all the retail, food, and industrial packaging products that are essential to the behind-the-scenes operations of all businesses at affordable prices. Shop the 26,000+ items in our stock today to experience the Paper Mart difference.