Storage & Organization

Storage & Organization

Get Your Supplies Organized                       

Those who are serious about crafting have a lot of supplies to keep track of. Whether your crafting supplies require a dedicated work space or a small desk, there is always a need for wholesale storage containers to keep your crafting workspace organized. With Paper Mart, you can reduce the clutter with our inventory of storage supplies. If you’re looking for storage baskets, bin boxes, or other high-quality containers, Paper Mart has what you need to get organized.

More Than Boxes

If your approach to sorting your tools entails cardboard boxes, then you’ll find many quality options in our inventory of storage supplies. We not only supply traditional file storage boxes and corrugated trays, but we also have plenty of handy bin boxes and wooden storage boxes. Our storage containers are also available wholesale, so you can rest assured with options to keep your supplies safe in organized compartments.

Visible Food Containers

At Paper Mart, our storage supplies cover more than just your crafting needs. We also carry plastic and glass jar containers that work well for food storage. These items are made from clear and durable plastic, so you can display freshness and elegance to your guests and customers. Our food containers are portable as well, making them great for parties and other social events.

Non-Traditional Storage Needs

For those instances when you need a non-traditional storage solution, Paper Mart has you covered. Browse our selection of woven trays, burlap baskets, poly bags, and more. We also carry a line of washi tapes. These tapes work well for color coding files and containers, wrapping cords and labeling.  No matter your storage needs, Paper Mart has an easy and convenient solution. Shop our vast inventory of storage and organization products today.