Shrink Film Products

<U> PVC </U> Shrink Film RollsFlat Shrink BagsDome Shrink BagsShrink Wrap Systems
PVC Shrink Film RollsFlat Shrink BagsDome Shrink BagsShrink Wrap Systems
$15.50 - $242.9245 Styles
$0.01 - $0.1825 Styles
$0.06 - $0.4123 Styles
$25.00 - $419.208 Styles
100Ga <U> PVC </U> Shrink Film TubingStretch & Banding Film
100Ga PVC Shrink Film TubingStretch & Banding Film
$46.85 - $54.422 Styles
$0.01 - $419.20140 Styles

Shrink Film Products

Paper Mart sells a variety of PVC shrink film or shrink wrap products. Our products are safe enough to be used for a variety of business or home projects. With High Clarity PVC shrink film, you can easily view the contents of the package without any obscurity. Small or medium business owners often order Paper Mart products to meet their shrink wrap needs.

Shrink film, shrink bags, shrink dome bags and shrink tubing are available for purchase. From this selection, you will be able to find a shrink wrap solution to accommodate your projects. Whether you are in search of clear cellophane for an Easter Basket project, for selling gift baskets or for other projects sold in retail stores, Paper Mart will find a product to meet your requests. The products are not only safe, but effective and affordable. Some products will shrink up to 40 percent when heated up to 250 degrees. Heat guns or heat tunnels are recommended to facilitate this process. Though our products are not required, our products are highly recommended for the best results with Paper Mart shrink film products. 

Paper Mart also sells this equipment for the convenience of the consumer. Business owners with significant product volume may want to consider our industrial strength products. Economy L Bar sealers, portable shrink wrap systems and heaters are sold on our website. Many people may use a hair dryer as a heat source to aid in the shrinking process. This tool may be effective to a certain degree, but the heat of hair dryers is not as consistent or as effective as heat guns. Heat guns give packages a professional appearance. 

Professionalism will ultimately increase your business’s sales. We aim to help you consider solutions to make your business more profitable. Our online store features most shipping items a business owner could possibly need in one convenient location. Our goal is to save you, our valued customer, time and money. By offering a variety of products, we can help your business have a competitive advantage over other businesses. Consider how our shrink wrap products and equipment can help your business grow and thrive.

Shrinkwrap Film Is:

  • Excellent for packaging gift baskets for Easter, Christmas, and other special occasions
  • Capable of protecting items from dirt, debris, or harsh weather while in storage
  • Perfect for sealing items for shipping
  • Wonderful for crafts and other home projects

Whether you’re an office manager in need of enough shrink wrap film to complete a large order, a home crafter looking to create fun holiday or wedding gifts, we carry PVC shrink film to accommodate your needs.

Flat PVC Shrink Bands

Our shrink bands provide a small plastic seal that is perfect for tamper-proofing bottles, jars, and toiletries. They are 1–1/8 inches wide, and they come in various lengths, so no matter what type of container you need to seal, we will have a size that you can use. They are made from 200-gauge PVC and can shrink up to 50 percent when properly heated. Temperatures between 200F and 250F are required to ensure shrinkage. To heat these bands and all other shrink products, we recommend using a professional heat gun, which you can find here.

Shrink Wrap Film Rolls

Along with our shrink wrap bags, we also carry shrink wrap by the roll. The rolls are folded down the center, meaning that they open up to twice the size of the roll once a piece is removed. We carry a huge variety of sizes, so whether you’re a small-business owner who needs to package hundreds of orders or a mom who wants to wrap some cupcakes for the bake sale, you’ll find what you’re looking for within our selection.