Shrink Bags

Flat Shrink BagsDome Shrink Bags
Flat Shrink BagsDome Shrink Bags
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Shrink Bags

Shrink bags, better known as shrink wrap, is a thin plastic material that shrinks and tightens when heated. It’s used to form a seal around important papers, gift bags, or any other item that may require protection for shipping, packaging, or storing. Paper Mart is proud to offer a selection of shrink bags for your packaging needs. All of our shrink products are in stock and ready to be shipped out today, so order now to receive your items as soon as possible!

Shrink wrap can be used for:

  • Providing protection from debris, dirt, bad weather, bugs, mold, or other damage
  • Sealing items for storage
  • Preparing items for shipping

Flat Shrink Bags

These bags are excellent for shipping books, magazines, and other small, flat items. Made from high-clarity 100-gauge PVC, these flat bags are made to shrink up to 40 percent when heated.

It’s best to use a professional heat gun to apply heat to these bags, but you may also use a hair dryer. However, hair dryers generally only produce 120-degree heat, and shrink wrap functions best when heated to 280 degrees. For this reason, we recommend a heat gun, which you will find here. This professional heat gun produces temperatures of 750 degrees or more, which ensures that your items will be shrink-wrapped properly.

When your bag is fully heated, it will shrink down and form a tight seal over your item. This is wonderful to add protection during the shipping process, but it can also be used to package retail items, prepare gifts, or even attach multiple items together, such as a stack of books or photos.  
When you order over $200 worth of our shrink products, you’ll be given a 15 percent discount!

Dome Shrink Bags

Our dome bags are made from the same quality PVC material as our flat bags, but they offer a larger holding space and seamless edges. These high-clarity bags shrink at lower temperatures and are able to shrink up to 30 percent in length and 50 percent in width.

Dome bags work great for:
  • Gifts such as fruit baskets or Easter baskets
  • Larger items that need protection for shipping
  • Sealing items for storage
To use our dome bags for a gift basket, simply place the basket into the bag, seal with a pretty ribbon, and apply heat to the area around the basket. You may leave the gathered area at the top of the bag untouched by the heat for the best appearance. If you simply want to wrap the item and don’t care about making it look decorative, just tape the top of the bag and heat the entire package to form a complete seal.