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Our Shipping Philosophy
We believe in shipping fast! We begin the process of shipping your order minutes after it is placed. Our shipping clock, shown on the top of our web page under the shopping cart icon, lets you know how much time you have left to guarantee the shipment will go out that day. (Monday-Friday only)
We will also tell you if something is out of stock before you order, so you can make the best purchase decision before checking out. You can order with confidence knowing that what you order now is what you will get with no shortages.
Because we ship a large quantity of packages every day, we receive lower prices and extra discounts from our shipping suppliers. We pass this savings on to our customers. Because of this, East Coast customers should find our shipping costs to be very reasonable, even though most products are shipped from California.
We also consolidate your order to ship in the smallest box possible. In many cases, ordering a bit more will fit in the same package and therefore not raise your shipping cost.
Exact freight is calculated based on the shipping method selected, so you know the cost before you finish your order. And of course we will email your tracking information, so you know the location of your delivery at all times.
If you are located in Southern California, we have a large fleet of our own trucks, making it very likely you will have product in your hands the very next business day.
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