Sometimes, you just need to find a little sparkle. At Paper Mart, we bring the sparkle with more than 60 different sequin products that you can use to add a flash of excitement to your latest craft project or event decor.

Use Paper Mart sequin trim and fabrics to:
  • Add drama to a DIY Halloween costume
  • Create sparkling table runners at a dance or charity event
  • Give an edge to any craft project
  • Make a scrapbook page with 3D texture

Decorating with Sequins

Our sparkling tulle fabric provides a simple way to add the drama of sequins to any event’s decor. This shiny mesh fabric unwinds easily to create a simple table runner, but can also be used in a variety of other ways to create centerpieces, chair sashes, backdrops and more. Our stretch sequin trim can be used to decorate, as well.

Sequin Arts and Crafts

Just about any craft project can be made more fun by adding a few sequins, and our sequin trim makes it much easier to do that than loose sequins would. For example, you can use our pre-strung sequins to add accents to ornaments and holiday decorations, or embellish a decorative throw pillow.

If you’re in search of packaging products that make your DIY projects easier than ever, shop Paper Mart today to find thousands of creative products.