Self Adhesive Carton Sealing Tape

Self Adhesive Carton Sealing Tape

At Paper Mart, we know how difficult it can be to get a parcel packaged, shut, taped up, and shipped out the door. It's even harder when you're working against a deadline or preparing for travel. Closing an overstuffed suitcase last minute is one thing—fitting everything into a shipping box can be even harder! Make it easier on yourself by adding several rolls of our carton sealing tape and shipping tape to your company mail room or home business supply stock. Having a few rolls close by “just in case” for those last-minute shipping and mailing emergencies will come in handy, trust us.

Wrap It, Pack It, Ship It, Store It

To make packing, shipping, and storing boxes less of a chore, Paper Mart offers 42 styles of self adhesive box and carton sealing tape. In response to years of customer feedback and suggestions, our current box/carton sealing and shipping tape stock runs the gamut of a variety of materials, strengths, and designs. 
Which tape is right for your particular home/office project or business needs? Over the years, Paper Mart has witnessed its carton sealing and shipping tape inventory become popular with customers for a variety of reasons. Overall, we’ve recognized that our box/carton sealing and shipping tape has proved useful for two types of customers: general mailing for individual consumers and small to medium-sized companies.
Of course, all of our shipping tapes are strong and durable enough to withstand domestic and international packaging and handling, in addition to box/carton storage in climate-controlled environments. With this in mind, you have a variety of carton/box shipping tapes to choose from. 

Choosing Your Tape: Which Strength? What Color?

Having difficulty choosing the right product for you? The key questions to ask yourself are simple: How strong and weather-resistant must my project’s tape be? Will the tape be used for box/carton storage, shipping and mailing, or both? And must the tape be clear/transparent, or will a printed/opaque tape do just fine?
Paper Mart’s Hot Melt adhesive has a remarkably aggressive, high tack (sticky) adhesion that is ideal for industrial environments. It is resilient, strong, and capable of withstanding cold and inclement weather for long periods of time. 
Our acrylic adhesive carton sealing tape is similarly successful in inclement weather, which makes it a favorite among larger, high-traffic companies and businesses that require long-term cold weather storage. This tape is also capable of adhesion in hotter temperatures—up to an impressive 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 
For our customers who are stocking up on office and home supplies, Paper Mart offers a number of basic staples. One of the most popular options is our Super Clear carton sealing tape, which is a must-have for mailrooms everywhere. With the strength of most industrial shipping tapes and a low profile appearance, our Super Clear tape continues to be one of Paper Mart’s top sellers.  
Custom Orders: Your Logo on Paper Mart Tape!
At Paper Mart, we are pleased to offer you a unique spin on your carton sealing and shipping tape options: we can customize your tape order with your business logo or slogan! When placing your order , simply ask our team about printing your company's name or slogan on your shipping tape. Call our Customs department today! We'll be happy to give you a quote over the phone. For more information, please call: 800-745-8800.