Sea Grass Basket Trays

Sea Grass Basket Trays

If you want a basket that blends durability with refined details, check out the seagrass baskets available at Paper Mart. These hand woven trays and handleless baskets are made from natural seagrass and bamboo fibers to create a rustic look. When supported by a wire frame, these natural materials create some of the strongest, most durable storage baskets.

Styles and Shapes

At Paper Mart, we have a variety of seagrass baskets in several shapes and sizes to help you store everything from magazines and newspapers to towels and throws. They are also easily stackable when not in use and can fit on every shelf in your home or office. Our basket selection includes:
With round, oval, or rectangular seagrass baskets, you have several different sizes and dimensions to choose from. Use them for carrying laundry and toys between rooms, or even as a fun gift basket alternative.

Baskets for Home Decor

At Paper Mart, our woven baskets are extremely useful due to their storage abilities and aesthetics. With tapered designs and elegant weaving, these trays and baskets can assist you in creating a natural, rustic ambiance for your home.

Discover how our lovely seagrass trays and baskets can embellish your home when you visit Paper Mart today!