Satin & Similar Ribbons

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Satin & Similar Ribbons

Do you need satin ribbon for sewing, decorating, gift-wrapping, or other crafting purposes? The team at Paper Mart is proud to introduce our massive inventory of decorative ribbon, which includes nearly every style, texture, and variety of ribbon design available today. You can search for ribbon by color and size, making it easy to navigate our amazing collection and find just what you need to complete your project. You won’t find wholesale satin ribbon at a more reasonable price!

Ribbon is great for:

  • Decorating for the holidays, birthdays, or any other special occasion
  • Creating lovely hairstyles for little girls or women
  • Quilting, sewing, basket-making and other crafts
  • Children’s art projects
  • Putting finishing touches on gift baskets or wrapped presents

Solid-Color Premium Fabric Satin Ribbon

This is our standard-colored ribbon, but it’s anything but basic! Made from delicately woven polyester fabric, this ribbon offers quality at an economical price. Unlike inferior “satin” ribbon, which may look similar but will fall apart with greater ease, this ribbon features finish stitching and a silky texture that demonstrates its quality.

Our solid-color ribbon comes in two varieties:

  • Single Face: Matte on one side and shiny on the other. This type of ribbon is perfect for projects when one side of the ribbon will be sewn or otherwise attached (example: the trim on a dress)
  • Double Face: Shiny on both sides. This type of ribbon is designed to look beautiful while dangling or in projects where both sides of the ribbon will be seen (example: hair styling, bracelet making)

Both varieties come in over 50 different colors, and you can choose from widths ranging between ¼ inch to 3 inches. Don’t let our low prices fool you! All of the ribbon we carry is quality and perfect for your projects.

Glitter Fabric Ribbon

If you need ribbon that is bright and attracts plenty of attention, our Super Glitter Fabric Ribbon is the perfect solution. Unlike some glitter products, which are made from glued-on particles that can flake, this single-faced ribbon is designed with holographic threads that are woven into the fabric. We offer 32+ gem-like colors to choose from, all perfect for decorating, adding sparkling accents to clothing or costumes, wrapping presents, and more!