Ribbon Dispensers

Flat Ribbon DispenserCurling Ribbon DispenserBow Genius
Flat Ribbon DispenserCurling Ribbon DispenserBow Genius
$78.001 Style
$95.63 - $118.002 Styles
$36.911 Style

Ribbon Dispensers

Organization is key to making the most of everything. At Paper Mart, we don’t just sell you packaging products—we sell you the tools you need to keep them organized. This means that alongside our vast selection of ribbons, we’ll also provide you with the ribbon dispensers you need to keep them from becoming a tangled mess. With several styles to choose from, you’ll find the ribbon dispenser that best suits your needs.

With a ribbon dispenser from Paper Mart, you’ll be able to:
  • Set up your commercial or personal gift wrapping station to run more efficiently
  • Clean up the clutter in your craft room
  • Curl ribbon with ease
  • Easily hold, cut, and measure craft ribbons

Maximize Your Space with Ribbon Dispensers

If you’re not careful, ribbons can get messy. With ribbon dispensers from Paper Mart, however, you can avoid this mess and create a crafting or gift wrapping station that runs smoothly and efficiently. Your dispenser will separate your various spools of ribbon, making it easy to access the one you need quickly without fear of tangles or mess. This makes it easy to create perfect curls for gift wrapping, or to measure and cut precise lengths of fabric ribbons for craft and decorating projects. If you have a commercial gift wrapping station, a ribbon dispenser will make the process much more efficient, allowing you to help customers more quickly.

At Paper Mart, you’ll find all the products and tools you need to create great packaging. Shop today to find your next packaging solution.