Redline Reclosable Bags

Redline Reclosable Bags

When you need to store candy, food, or small craft items, there is no better bag than Paper Mart’s reclosable poly bags. Made from 100 percent high clarity polyethylene film, these bags have clear visibility, so you can quickly view the contents and find exactly what you need. These bags also have a built-in, zipper closure system, so there’s no need for twist ties or tape to properly seal items inside.

Benefits of Reclosable Bags

The advantage of our Minigrip Red Line brand reclosable poly bags is their tight, leak-proof seal. They are easy to open and close, resealing after just one squeeze. Paper Mart has two sizes for versatile storage. At our online store, you’ll find two and four mil bags.

These bags seal so reliably, that to open them without ripping or tearing requires simple, but specific, instructions. The pinch and twist method ensures that you can open these bags properly, and in seconds.

Rated for Food Safety

If you need to store food or candy that depends on freshness, then our plastic zip lock bags are the ideal choice. Each bag from Paper Mart meets FDA and USDA specifications for food contact, so anything stored in them will stay fresh and clean.

If you need reliable, FDA and USDA rated bags for food storage, visit Paper Mart today!