Reclosable Poly Bags

Reclosable Poly Bags

Take care of your storage needs with versatile reclosable poly bags from Paper Mart. These bags are made from durable 100%, high-clarity polyethylene film. The film allows you to clearly see through the bags, so you can easily organize your home or office. Our poly bags are available in two and four mil thickness, giving you optimal storage capacity for a variety of items.

Get Organized with Poly Bags

These resealable poly bags are useful because they provide a tight seal without the need for tape or twist ties. Each utilizes a built-in zipper style closure system. Seals are solid and leak-proof as well, ensuring that you can store any item quickly and easily. Organize office supplies, like paper clips and pens, or craft supplies, like rhinestones and feathers, with our ziplock style bags.

Helpful for Keeping Items Fresh

Paper Mart’s selection of reclosable poly bags are great for storing more than just household items. Thanks to their tight seal, they’re also useful for storing perishable food items that need to stay fresh. Whether you want a poly bag for leftovers or a bag to store items for a picnic, choose the resealable bags from Paper Mart. Our white block reclosable poly bags are convenient for labeling and adding dates to items as well. Shop now!