Protection Pads

White Cellulose Tissue Cushioning
White Cellulose Tissue Cushioning
$52.61 - $103.602 Styles

Protection Pads

With over 26,000 packaging, wrapping, shipping, and mailing products to choose from, Paper Mart carries a number of household and professional staples. One of our most important product categories is our collection that keeps items safe, secure, and free of damage in transit: our packaging cushioning supplies.

Bumps, Scrapes, and Bruises? Not Here! 

Paper Mart is proud to offer 350+ packaging cushioning products in our shipping, mailing, and storage categories. We take special pride in this product category in particular because we know the high value our customers place on their own stock, whether at home, school, or office.
At Paper Mart, our line of cushioning supplies has been tested by our own shipping and mailing experiences in our 90+ year history as a family-owned and operated business. We know that shipping inventory can seem worrisome, especially when the product is fragile and the distance is great. To this end, we've worked hard to design packaging cushioning products that make even the most anxious small business owner feel secure.
Sharp Corners? Protected and Secured! 

Paper Mart’s shipping and mailing cushioning products span several categories, including bubble wrap, foam peanuts, tissue and foam cushioning, padded bags and mailers, and corrugated cardboard wraps, sheets, and protection pads. 
A key feature that our customers in the furniture, art/photo framing, and home-made craft businesses request time and again is corner padding. Our customers report that corrugated corner pads, though small, have proven to be essential for transporting delicate items, particularly those encased in hard wood or metal frames.
What protects and frames art on a wall sometimes proves to be dangerous in transit. Paper Mart's corner padding, and our corrugated corner pads, in particular, protects a shipment's frame and contents so that the product arrives intact, with no broken glass or loose pieces.
Paper Mart offers two types of protection pad/packaging cushioning:
  • White Cellulose Tissue Cushioning 
  • Triangular Corner Pads
Paper Mart's white cellulose tissue cushioning stock is a 12-ply, pure white creped tissue that is securely embossed in order to form a thick, impenetrable, durable cushioning material.

Paper Mart's triangular corrugated corner pads are made of #3 white corrugated cardboard stock, and consist of  55% recycled content. These high-quality, durable, and rugged corrugated corner pads protect hard-edged items from abrasion, shock, and wear-and-tear while in transit.

Pack It Safe, Ship It Safe

Do our corrugated corner pads, tissue wrap, or other packaging cushioning options appeal to your need for a safe and secure shipping process? Do you want to give your customers peace of mind when ordering products from your company or small business? Are you worried about the safety of your inventory shipped across towns, states, or even countries? 

Give our associates a call—we've been there before, and we're happy to help.