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Coral & White Tulle Handled Baskets
Crinkle Cut Crimped Paper Shred - Light Pink cone favor box
White/Pink Diamond Embossed Candy Box Cottontail Cello Bag
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How to make a Tutu Easter Basket transcript:

Hi, I’m Jessica with Paper Mart! Today, I’ll show you how to make this really fun tutu Easter basket, so get excited!

To get started, I’ll show you all the things that you’ll need. First of all, you’ll need spools of tulle. We have a lot of different colors you can choose from at Paper Mart, but I’ve picked this really fun pink and white for our Easter basket. You’ll also need some grosgrain ribbon, some different flower embellishments, a ruler, and a crochet hook—which isn’t necessary, but you’ll see later on why it helps—a wicker basket from Paper Mart, a pair of scissors, and some paper mesh.

To get started, cut some lengths of tulle. Grab your ruler and spools. I’ve already cut a couple, so we’ll do them to about a foot. The size of your basket will determine how many strips you need to cut. You can see as you go how many you think you’ll need. I’ll just cut a little bit to get started. You can do them all in one color if you want or you can alternate them like we’ll do. I’ll do some of the pink and some of the white. You can tell these don't need to be perfect, but I always want them close to the same length so that they’ll line up nicely on the basket.

We’ll then take two pieces of tulle to tie and stack them on top of each other. Then, we’ll look for openings on the top of this basket, but I’ll basically use my crochet hook and stick it in the top and hook it with our tool and pull it through. The crochet needle makes it a lot easier, so you may be able to try doing it with your fingers depending on the size of your basket. We’ll pull it through the loop and pull it tight on the other side, and we’ll continue doing that all the way around the basket. We’re basically putting a skirt on our girl so she’ll have a nice little tutu there at the end.

We’ll alternate with our pieces of white—we’ll just look for a hole. hook our tulle. and pull it through tight on the other side. If these aren’t completely even when you’re done, you can go back and trim the ends a little bit. Once you continue with alternating your tulle colors, do it all the way around the edge of the basket.

I’ll show you one that I’ve gone a little bit farther on and have completed with a skirt. This is a bigger basket, so we did a little bit more on this one, but you get the idea. Basically, it flows out around the edges, it’s really cute.

Once we’ve gotten that all taken care of, we’ll take our paper here that we’ve already filled and stick a little more in with our paper shred. We have a lot of different colors at Paper Mart but I love this pink color for Easter.

After that, you can fill it with whatever kind of goodies you have for your basket. We have a lot of different kinds of boxes that you can use to put candy in or different little gifts. We have really fun little treat boxes that are cone shaped. I have different shaped candy boxes that I’ve wrapped with Paper Mart grosgrain ribbon. We also have boxes that come with the ribbon already on it if you’re not as adept at tying a ribbon. Here’s another type of box, try to set them up. I love our little feather embellishments, too. We have a bunny bag that you can use and put some candies into, and we just tie this off with one of our floral embellishments.

So there you go! You guys can probably stack it a little better, but here’s a really fun basket that you can use with all of these really great Paper Mart products for your fun Easter gifts. Hope you guys enjoyed watching this and I hope you enjoy making it! Make sure you sign up on our YouTube channel and subscribe so you can watch more of our videos we have coming up. Thank you!