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How to make a DIY Ribbon Ruffle Pillow transcript:

Hi, I’m Jessica with Paper Mart! If you guys are anything like me, I decorate my house and then a few months later, I am looking for something new. I am going to show you a cool craft that revamps the stuff you already have at home.

I took this old pillow and jazzed it up using some Paper Mart ribbon. I know you liked that little flip! I am going to show you how to put together these really cool ribbons on this pillow just to add a little something to an already drab item that you have at home.

To get started, you guys are going to need some thread, Paper Mart ribbon—depending on what style or look you’re going for—(we just grabbed some white Grosgrain ribbon), and then some scissors and a sewing needle.

Once we have our pillow, we gathered all of our ribbon and did a few different rows to cover the whole space on the front of the pillow. Depending on what size you have or what look you’re going for, you can get different widths of ribbon and you’ll cut them to different sizes. I’ll start with our ribbon—I already have my needle threaded, so that was a little bit easier.

We’ll start by taking our ribbon and do one fold, and then one more just to hide our bad end. I’ll start by threading my needle through on one side and out the other. Then, I’ll knot it on our end with a long piece of thread. Knot it a few more times to make it secure. To finish up the seam, go along with a few stitches to the other end of the ribbon. So I’ll knot this off to hide the part at the bottom because we’ll sew this on to the one end of our pillow first. I’ll cut this off and thread a new piece of string. That’s the hardest part!

Next, I’ll start at the space that we’re filling in. If you can see our seam on our pillow, that’s where we’re attaching the part that we just sewed.  I’ll flip it over so you can see that it will just go right here. I’ll sew that in on this side.

Even if you are not an avid sewer, it’s pretty easy to do this. Each stitch does not need to be perfect. This is a good craft to start your sewing skills on! I’ll cut a longer length of our ribbon to start. We won’t need all of this because we’ll gather it up, but I’ll just cut it off there to make it a little easier to work with.

As we go, we’ll basically just start from the end, and go along the center of our ribbon. We’ll put the needle back and forth a quarter of an inch through—we can keep doing this with our needle back and forth. As we pull it, it’ll gather together like this. As we go a little ways, we can put the needle all the way through our pillow to attach it. As you can see, it makes that nice gathering effect! Then, I’ll thread a bit through the pillow as I get farther along. I’ll then do a few more like that for a couple of inches, just back and forth with our needle.

If you’re going along and you realize that your thread is not long enough, you can cut it and tie it off and grab a new piece if you need to. I’ll then attach it again to the pillow. If you like it more gathered, you just have to push it down a little farther to make them closer together. Just make it even to look like the other pieces that you’ve already done.

Once we’ve done the whole length of the pillow, we’ll just finish off the end. Let me turn it around so you can see it. We’ll just fold that end over and we’ll try to line it up as best as we can with all the other ones that we finished. You can see they’re not totally perfect, but it won’t be that noticeable on here. We’ll just keep it folded over this way, and just go along the edge. Go through the back, fold the last one again, tie it off, and cut it.

There we have our new jazzed up ribbon pillow! You guys are all ready to take a nap. Thank you so much for watching! Watch more of our crafts coming up on our website and our YouTube channel online.