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How to make a Rinestone Shoes transcript:

Hi, I’m Jessica with Paper Mart! Today I will show you how to jazz up your heels with some rhinestones. This is super cool because you basically take a pair of pumps that you have in your closet, or that you’ve picked up from the thrift store, and spice them up a little bit to make them go from work to play. Let me show you guys what you need to get started.

First, we’ll need a pair of heels. You can pick any type of rhinestones—we have so many you can choose from at Paper Mart. In this case, we’ll use the six millimeters square gems, a pair of tweezers and a glue gun.

I’ll take our rhinestones and dump them out on the table. We’re going to use these with our tweezers because the last thing we want to do is glue our fingers together! So pick them up, dab a little dot, and use your fingers a little bit, depending on how good you are with this. You can do this for any type of pattern that you want! I did it with lines that run parallel along the shoe. I’ll start with the one at the point and then put them half an inch apart from each other as we go. It’s all about being artistic with our patterns. I’m just putting this on the side.

This is such a great project because I love using things I already have in my closet and revamping them into something else. It makes me feel like I have more clothes to wear, or like I bought something new when I really didn’t! I just got a little crafty and made it look new.

Now I’m doing it on the other side. These little guys are small and tricky. Starting with the toe of the shoe is a lot easier so we can get our pattern right to start. Once we continue to do that, we’ll just fill the whole toe up and continue up the sides. Then, we’ll also start on the back of the shoe. So let me bring in one that I’ve already gotten a little farther along on—I’ll set that to the side and we’ll just finish up the back of the heel, so maybe three more.

You can jazz up an old pair of shoes. We’ll place one more there and then I think we’re good. At the end, you can go ahead and take the glue that has dried—you’ll have some stringy pieces, so take those off really carefully. You can use the tweezers to help you do that, but it should be pretty easy to take off.

So we have our beautifully decorated pair of shoes! Have a really good time with this. You really can use anything that you want and use any types of patterns, so have a lot of fun with our Paper Mart products! Have a great time for your party or going out with these shoes.

Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed this craft. Make sure you sign up or subscribe for our YouTube channel on Paper Mart as well. Thanks!