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How to make a Tissue Bow transcript:

Hi, I’m Christine with Paper Mart! I’m going to show you how to do a quick and easy gift wrap for your Christmas presents using some tissue paper you may have left over from presents that you’ve already wrapped. If you don’t have time to go out and get a bow or things like that, this is a really easy idea.

First, you take two sheets—I chose red and green for our Christmas theme—and you’re going to start bunching it together. Don’t worry about the crinkling because that’s the look we’re going for. Get it nice and tight, then straighten it out at the ends. To make it a little easier, we’re going to tie it onto the basket for a bow.

You can use this for Christmas gift baskets or anything you want to give to your friends. So, we’re going to tie it in one knot here, then pull it through and get it tight. Then, we’re going to cut off the ends to give it a nice, bow look. It’s going to be about one hand length here.

Cut off the extra and then do the other side, and now we’re going to fluff it out and give it a pretty look. Sometimes, there might be a little rough edge you can take off. Fluff it out and see how it looks. It looks like we’re a little uneven, so cut off a bit more and then fluff it out.

You can push the bow off to the side and you can put your gift inside the basket. These are just a couple of ideas that we have about what you can do with our Paper Mart tissue paper. Make sure to subscribe to our channel! You can find all of these products at