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How to make an Easter Bunny Onesie transcript:

Hi, I’m Jessica with Paper Mart! Today, I’ll show you guys a really cute craft that you’ll use for your kids and your nieces. I have a niece on her way in March—her name is Aubrey, and I have a really cool gift to give her now. It’s this little Bunny onesie; it’s so cute!

Let me show you what you need to get started: a piece of felt—and we’ll use this with a little template that you can get on our website with a little bunny cut-out—a cotton onesie, 1-1/2" grosgrain Paper Mart ribbon, some square rhinestones, and some flower embellishments. For our tools, we have fabric glue, some scissors, and a glue gun.

The first thing we’ll do to get started after you’ve printed out the template is use that piece of paper (you can cut it out), and trace the shape for the bunny face. I’m going to cut out what we’ve already traced. I just think this is so cute! When I was looking at the bunny, I was thinking, “You can do so many different animal faces too.” Maybe a frog (just a little circle with some ears) would be fun if you have a boy because this is a little more girly.

The felt will just make it a lot easier when we start gluing some of our embellishments on, as opposed to doing them directly on the onesie. Once we have it cut out, use the good side. You can use the marker if that makes it easier. I’ve gone a little farther on this one, but I’ve basically marked where the eyes and nose are going to be, so that when I start placing the flowers, I already have an idea of where not to put them on.

Now, we’ll start putting the flowers on. Let’s grab our embellishments. These flowers actually come with little petals coming off of them—which is cute for other projects—but for our purposes, we’ve cut them off. With this one, I’ve found that it’s easiest to start along the edges and work your way in. I’ve already done that with this one, so I’ll just switch it out and finish up the remaining part.

Once you have our flowers out, grab our rhinestones. Be really careful with your hot glue gun and put a couple dots for your eyes and nose. We can call this our Harajuku Bunny, because it kind of looks like that style. Use two rhinestones for the eyes and do the other side. You can always use tweezers, too. If you’re nervous with the glue gun, that’ll help you.

One more spot for the nose—for the nose, turn it sideways so that it’s more of a diamond shape.

Just put a cute little nose on her. Once you are done with the rhinestones, finish up with the flowers. I’ll just put a little glue down so I can go a bit faster. We’ll just place these around—it’s okay if they overlap because it kind of hides them anyways. Looks like we’ve got the perfect amount!

We have our little bunny face and we’ll finish her off with a little hair bow because no bunny is complete without a hair bow. Put a little dab of glue, and we gave her a little hair ribbon!

For our last bit, we’ll take our onesie—I’ve already gone ahead and put a piece of cardboard in between, so that when we’re gluing it down we’re not having the two sides stick together with the fabric—and our fabric glue and run squiggly lines along the edges. If you’re a good sewer and you feel comfortable with that, you can always grab a needle and thread and use them to attach it, too. Whatever floats your boat. This stays pretty well! It just says on this particular type of glue to wait a half an hour before wearing it. Once it sets, you can go ahead and wash it altogether.

With all we’ve done on here, I would put it on delicately when you clean it or even in a little garment bag. Center the bunny, and once it’s in a good spot, press it down. You can leave it here for a while to set, but I’ll just turn it up so you guys can see it.

We have our cute little bunny face on our onesie, which will make the perfect Easter outfit for any little baby in your life. I hope you guys enjoyed making this project! I sure had a good time showing you how to do it. Make sure you check out our YouTube channel to find a lot more crafts you can do online. Thanks for watching!