How to Make a Cupcake Liner Floral Bouquet

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How to Make a Cupcake Liner Floral Bouquet transcript:

Hi, I’m Jessica with Paper Mart! Today, I am going to show you all how to use a little creativity and some great Paper Mart products to turn this into this beautiful cupcake liner floral bouquet.

Let me show you guys what you need to get started. The first thing you’ll need is one of these P.E.T. jars that I have—I’ve already taken the top off of it—a pair of scissors, a glue gun, some wire cutters, a pack of Cake Pops, floral wire, any type of ribbon—I’ve chosen this 1” pink ribbon—and various colors and styles of cupcake liners. All these really great colors and polka dot patterns are from Paper Mart.

The first thing we’ll do is take our cake pop sticks and line our P.E.T jar. I’ve already done a few so you can see them. Once our glue gun is heated up, we’ll start doing a little bit of glue at the top and bottom. Try to be fast before it dries! We’ll fill in the spots that haven’t been dabbed yet.

Try to keep the pieces as even as possible—the trick is to start with the first one and keep the jar on the table to keep it even. The glue’s already drying, so I’ll do a few more. Apply more glue wherever you need it if it’s not sticking well. Once we’ve covered that, we have our nice jar that we can start putting our flowers and things in.

Let me show you guys how to do the flowers because that’s the really fun part. To start, take some floral wire. This is a little bit longer than what we actually need. I’ve already cut a few pieces. You can do them at various lengths so that you have a variety of flower stems to give it a full feel of a bouquet that’s not all at the same level. Get your wire cutter and cut to the length that you need. This one is about 7 or 8 inches. Then take some cupcake liners. I’ll start with the purple. You can choose anywhere between 4 and 8. If you want a thicker and fuller flower, use more, and if you want a smaller one, use a little less.

We’ll put these all together and take our scissors and start at the outside of these liners, where the ridges are, and cut about ½ inch down into the center of the liner, not all the way. Continue making cuts about ¼ inch apart or so—it doesn’t have to be exact. These will become our petals for the flower. We’ll continue to do this all the way along the rest of the paper liner. It’s really important that you don’t cut all the way to the center because otherwise our pieces will begin to fall apart. You’ll see that as you go.

This is a project you can get the kids to help out with, too! They’ll probably think it’s fun using these paper liners. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see it’ll start to spread out a little. Make one more cut all the way to the outside of the center circle and cut it out since

Put those aside and take the piece of wire that you’ve cut. Start with one and with a little bit of glue, dab some at the top about ½ inch down or so, and wrap that around. Then, we’ll place the bottom—the part that’s not cut—around the glue and start wrapping it around to the top of the wire.

I like to put more glue as I go to make it more secure when we’re starting it. It’s really helpful. Putting some even along the bottom keeps it together. You want to try to wrap this really tight and keep it as even as possible on the bottom, because if you try to keep it altogether, the flower will look more full and even. Put some more glue as you go. Continue to do this with the rest of the liners. Again, use some glue to start. I think you guys get the idea, but basically if you want a bigger and fuller flower, you’ll use more of the liners.

I think I’ll stop there, we have a good base. Once the glue has cooled down a bit, we have a nice flower. I like to start randomly pulling these out—this will be how you start fluffing your flower to get it big and full. These remind me of carnations! I think they’re really pretty and would make a good gift for someone for their birthday or something really nice to put on your table when it’s done.

We have our nice beautiful flower and we will add it to our bouquet, pull this to the center and stick it right in. There we go! It is a nice finishing touch to our bouquet. I also put on this really pretty ribbon to tie it off.

I hope you guys enjoyed making this craft! Remember there are so many more on our YouTube channel. Also, all the great products to make this craft are on Thanks for watching!