How to Make an Easter Centerpiece with Baker's Twine

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How to Make an Easter Centerpiece with Baker's Twine transcript:

Hi, I’m Jessica with Paper Mart! Easter is just around the corner, so today, I’m going to show you guys how to make this really cool Easter centerpiece. We will actually be using a vase from Paper Mart—you can use any shape or size that you want, but I like this really cool rectangular one.

The craft we’re putting together is the eggs in the middle, so I’m going to show you guys how to make those. Let me show you what we need to get started: some baker’s twine—we have a lot of different colors, I chose these really cool Easter-colored ones for this time of year—some candy to put on the bottom, any type of plastic egg, some double-sided tape from Paper Mart, and a pair of scissors. You guys will love this!

Let me show you how to get started with the egg. We’re going to take some of our double-sided tape and basically start wrapping our egg in this tape. It makes it super easy. I’ll start at one end and wrap it all the way around and cut it off. Once I have that on, take off the other side and continue doing this a few times to give our egg a good sticky base—three or four is probably good. It might stick to your fingers.

I love double-sided tape because you can use this for many crafts. It’s so handy! As opposed to taking your glue gun out, you can actually have the kids use the double-sided tape because it’s a lot easier to work with and less hazardous.

Here’s our last piece, put the tape to the side. With all that on there, we have to make it smooth by rolling it around in our hands, kind of like we’re kneading dough so it’s smooth against the plastic egg. I’ll use the purple to get started. Unravel it and start at one end of the egg, put the tip there, and wrap it around in a circular motion. Try to press it into the tape as you go. Hold it at the top to get it started. It’s a little easier once you have it going along. I just like to rotate it along its axis to make it easier.

The trick is to keep pushing down as you go and keep it as symmetrical as you can. Sometimes as you start wrapping it, it’ll get a little more thick on one side. If that’s the case, push up the baker’s twine a bit. Just keep wrapping it—I recommend starting one end like this and then going around and wrapping it to the center as opposed to continuing all the way along. Start from the other end and then meet in the middle.

Let me put this aside and show you one that I’ve already done that’s a little farther along. With this egg, I’ve already done one side and stopped in the middle. We’ll continue with this one.  The more you do, the easier it’ll get—you will be on a roll in no time! You can show your friends and everyone will want to help out because it’s so fun!

As we get to the end, it meets up in the middle with the other piece that we’ve started. As you get to the point where we meet it, take your scissors and cut it off at an angle so that it’s possible to fit in there. Push that last little bit down. Now we have a really cool wrapped egg! I love the look of these—they’re so fun!

For our centerpiece, just take your Paper Mart vase and fill it up with some Easter candy. Then put our eggs up there with a bunch of different colors and stick the last one that we made right at the top. Then just put some other Gerbera Daisies in from the store.

Now you have a really fun centerpiece! I hope you enjoyed this craft! Make sure you check out many of our others on our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!