Printed & Patterned Bags

Printed & Patterned Bags

If you want to make your next event truly special, make sure that every detail is accounted for with printed organza bags from Paper Mart. These patterned bags make the perfect packaging for party favors. With so many prints to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that meshes perfectly with your next event’s theme, from a birthday or baby shower to a wedding or corporate event.

Printed organza bags from Paper Mart are perfect for creating:
  • Party Favors for Weddings, Baby Showers, and More
  • Candy or Snack Bags
  • Treat Bags for Pets
  • Elegant Wrapping for Small Gifts
  • Packaging for Retail Bath Products

Creating Favor or Treat Bags with Paper Mart

If you want to create unforgettable favor or treat bags, these printed organza bags are a great place to start. Find a design that meshes with your event’s decor and fill each bag with small items like candy, bubbles, lip gloss, or pet treats that are appropriate for your particular event. Your guests will love the thought you’ve put into their gift bags.

Package Products in Organza

The elegant look of organza bags also makes them a great choice for packaging certain retail items, such as high end bath products. To get the most out of your organza bags, consider wrapping the product in tissue paper before placing it in the fabric bag.

When you’re planning your next event or searching for packaging for your next product, shop Paper Mart to find all the packaging solutions you need.