Polyethylene Bags

Polyethylene Bags

Paper Mart has an exciting selection of flat and gusseted polyethylene baggies for all of your packaging and shipping needs. These poly bags come in a variety sizes and styles, including flat and gusseted. With our wide selection, we're sure that you’ll find the ideal size for your items. Whether you need a large shipment for commercial applications or a small order for household projects, we’ve got you covered.

Our polyethylene bags:
  • Are made with 100% virgin, high-clarity polyethylene film
  • Can be used for storing and organizing small items, as well as packaging
  • Are perfect for commercial establishments or individual use
  • Come in flat or gusseted styles
  • Are available in custom sizes and orders of 25,000 or greater
  • Can easily be sealed with our Plastic Bag Sealers

Polyethylene Bags: Organize Small Items for Shipment

If you’re an online retailer who ships a number of small items, you already know that finding the right packaging can be tricky. You can’t simply throw small items inside a box because there’s a risk that they could get damaged or lost. The best option for small items, especially when included with a bigger order, is to put them within a bag that suits their size. The flat and gusseted poly bags at Paper Mart are ideal for these purposes.

Different Thickness Levels: The Perfect Bag for Your Product

Certain products require thicker bags than others. For example, if you’re shipping a small package of screws, nails, or other products with pointy edges, you will need a thicker bag. Otherwise, it will likely tear during the shipping process. Our flat poly bags are available in 1.5 mil through 6 mil thick polyethylene material.