Poly Tubing

Poly Tubing

Flat Polyethylene Tubing

You’ll can find everything you need for high quality packaging at Paper Mart. If you’re looking for a simple and economical way to package products, poly tubing is one solution you should definitely consider. This polyethylene and polypropylene (which is food safe) tubing, comes in long rolls that makes it easy to create bags in various sizes. You can use our Plastic Bag Sealers to seal the ends of your poly tubing too.

Paper Mart’s poly tubing is perfect for packaging:
  • Snack products like nuts and candy
  • Screws, brad nails, and other small fastening products
  • Decorative crafting accents like buttons and gems

Benefits of Polyethylene Tubing

Polyethylene is a great packaging product because it is durable and flexible. Though it’s a soft packaging product, it’s resistant to punctures and provides an excellent moisture barrier. With polyethylene tubing, you have the flexibility to create a bag in any size that your particular product needs rather than being stuck with a pre-made bag. A heat sealer provides an airtight seal, and you can also use twist ties and stapled paper accents to decorate your custom poly bags.

Professional Packaging for Less

If you need to create professional packaging for your products, Paper Mart’s selection of poly tubing and other high quality packaging products makes it easy for you to create professional packaging. When you’re trying to sell a product, every detail counts. Shop Paper Mart packaging today to create quality packaging design.