Clear Gusset Side "Cello" Polypropylene Bags - GOOD
Our clear bag is made by blowing a tube balloon and then cutting the tube into bag sizes. Due to the expansion of the plastic and the contact with air as it expands and dries it has a very slight haze but is still very clear. Because they are made from a tube of plastic they do not have to be seemed so there are no seams up the back. Also due to being made from a tube these bags have a clipped bottom which is not completely flat as are the premium and crystal clear bags.

Premium Clear Gusseted "Cello" Polypropylene Bags - BETTER
Our premium clear bag is made for food products where extra clarity is desired. These bags are made by a casting process which limits the expansion of the plastic and its contact with air as it dries. Due to the limited exposure to air, a harder and clearer bag is produced. Due to the process of casting these bags have a seam up the back which our clear bags do not have. Premium clear gusseted "Cello" polypropylene bags have a more complex folded bottom which makes them sit flat.

Super Crystal Clear Gusseted "Cello" Polypropylene Bags - BEST
Our crystal clear plastic bags are made for food products. Even though these bags are slightly lower in price compared to premium clear bags, they are made of the very highest quality of clear plastic. Some customers who demand the very best and the highest possible clearness like purchase the super crystal clear cello bags. These bags are made by the same casting process as premium bags with limited contact with air as it dries. The process of casting causes the bags to have a seam up the back. A more complex folded bottom allows these crystal clear gusseted "cello" polypropylene bags to sit flat.

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