Plastic Rolls & Tarps

Plastic Rolls & Tarps

Whether you are painting a room, retouching brick and mortar, or undertaking any other sort home repair project, Paper Mart’s plastic rolls have got you—and your house—covered! Made of polyethylene sheeting, these tarps are a great staple to any workman’s toolbox. So grab a bucket of paint or mortar, throw some of this sheeting on the floor, and start your restoration job with gusto! Feel free to play around and get dirty; these sheets will protect your home so you don’t have to worry.

Choose from a Range of Styles

We offer plastic tarps in one, two, four, or six-mil thickness. All of our options are about three feet in width, with your choice of 100, 200, or 400 linear feet per roll. Purchase one or a few of each to equip yourself for a variety of projects. Paper Mart also sells clear pallet covers, which are made to fit over pallets, furniture, or machinery. These are two to three mil thick.
We have six plastic rolls and tarp styles to choose from, as well as 1,000+ plastic wrap styles to select from including shrink film products and clear cello sheets. Select the best product for your needs today!

We Serve Individuals and Businesses Alike

Are you a representative of a building or painting company looking to buy supplies for your business? Buy a bundle of our plastic tarps to meet your business’ needs.
Are you a father looking to create a home painting project with his kids, but don’t want to ruin the floors in the process? Buy one of our economical plastic rolls so you can make lasting family memories without tarnishing your home.
Our clients range from industrial customers looking to buy in bulk to families looking to master a new do-it-yourself project at home. We are happy to serve all of our clients with our knowledge of plastic materials and quality products.
No matter what your situation is, review Paper Mart’s selection of merchandise to find a plastic sheeting roll that fits your needs. Measure the area that you will be working in to truly find a product that is tailor-made for the job!

Get to Know Us—and We’d Like to Meet You!

Paper Mart has been around for nearly a century. We are a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on treating its employees and customers like family. We haven’t lost our personal touch, even in today’s digital world. We offer customer service by phone, email, or chat—with a real person to talk to instead of a computer so we can really get to know you and your needs.
Review our plastic rolls or any of our other merchandise, then give us a call. We want you to get to know us—and we’d like to meet you!