Plastic Jars

Plastic Jars

Paper Mart believes that anything looks better in a high-quality package. Our wide array of 100+ styles of plastic jars makes it easy to find a container to fit your needs. From classic clear jars with black screw lids to dome-shaped jars, and even perforated shrink bands for tamper-proof protection, our products are designed to make the items that you pack look their best and stay packaged safely.

Jars for Household Goods, Commercial Products, and More

Our plastic jars with lids can be used to elegantly store household items like cotton balls, coins, cookies, and candy. They are also perfectly suited for businesses looking to ship products in well-designed, well-sealed containers. Our shrink bands are easy to use. They fit to the container when 200F to 250F is applied to them with a heat gun, which we carry in our inventory for your convenience. Get started custom fitting your bands today!

Paper Mart sells its plastic jars wholesale to numerous vendors. Our vast selection of containers in a variety of colors and designs is useful for many business needs. Our jars are a blank canvas for you and your business: add a label to denote your brand or what is inside the container.

Transform these plastic jars into elegant vessels to present house guests with your favorite mixed nuts or into jars containing your best hand cream to sell to your customers. The possibilities are endless! Our cosmetic jars are especially designed to store products like creams and powders, with a chic curve that oozes luxury.

High Quality, Low Costs

Moreover, Paper Mart’s prices can’t be beat. We are proud to be one of the largest discount packaging supply companies in America. The prices on these plastic jars show it. With costs ranging from $0.40 to $1.45—and just $0.01 to $0.02 for shrink bands!—we bring you our best products without inflating the costs.

Join Our Family

Paper Mart is a fourth generation family-owned and operated company. This means that we take our business personally. We treat our employees and customers like family. We want to get you the best products fast, and make the purchasing process—just like how we’d treat a visitor to our home.

We invite you to review our 26,000 products. If you don’t understand something or want to learn more about a product, contact us! We have highly trained staff available to help via phone, chat, or email. Many of our employees have worked with us for a number of years, so they know their stuff!

Get in touch today. If you like what you see and what you learn about our plastic jars or other merchandise, make a purchase and join our extended family of happy customers.