Plastic Gable & Handle Boxes

Plastic Gable & Handle Boxes

Handling Your Container Needs                      

There are a lot of options when it comes to packaging. Finding the right container to show off items while keeping them secure can be tricky. If you’re constantly searching for durable boxes to safely handle items, turn to Paper Mart. We have plastic gable boxes, including sturdy plastic handle boxes, to secure your items for promotional business needs or party favor specialties.

Show Off Products

Shipped flat, our options for plastic gable boxes are easy to assemble and use for a variety of purposes. If you’re particular about product presentation, then our clear plastic boxes are what you need. If you don’t need a transparent box, we also offer boxes made from translucent, frosted plastic. Discover some of our most popular options:

Gable Plastic Box
Plastic Wire Handle Boxes
Circle Handle Colored Frosted Plastic Boxes

Durable Container Options

If you need a plastic container that is a little sturdier, look no further than our plastic handle boxes. Circle handle and wire handle box options resemble take out containers, but come with fun patterns and colors. With these, you’ll have an exciting container for favors and party displays, designed for maximum portability and creative flair. When you need a box that keeps items safe, choose one of our charming gable boxes or handled containers. Shop with Paper Mart today!