Plastic Food Bags


Plastic Food Bags

Paper Mart offers more than just paper packing materials. Our products range from jute handle bags to tulle fabric to plastic containers, such as our plastic food bags. You will even find a wide range of choice in sub-sections of our merchandise, such as in our various plastic bags for food.

Packing Supplies for Food

Review our vast selection to see why so many vendors select us as their supplier of take out bags, self-tape seal bags, and more. These vendors purchase our plastic food bags wholesale. While these products meet the needs of sophisticated restaurateurs and food producers, we also cater to the needs of amateur chefs, home-based baking companies—anyone looking to add a bit of flair to their parcels of food.

Get Creative

We have made our plastic food bags whimsical and fun for a wide range of customers to enjoy. Have a kid’s birthday coming up? Why not add zing to the goodie bags with printed patterned cello bags? Are you hosting a gathering with friends? Why not get creative and serve treats in cone-shaped cello bags, mimicking an ice cream cone with colored jellybeans?

Personalize Them!

We make packaging more interesting with patterns, shapes, and colors. We hope that you see our plastic food bags as just the beginning. In them, you can put whatever you desire to create a memorable gift or a product that customers just can’t resist. Our bags are well-suited for labels, so you can name your brand and clarify what is inside the bag. Make them your own!

Paper Mart Finds Inspiration From Its Customers

There is no limit to what you can with our packaging products—and our patrons constantly surprise us with their creativity. Visit our Facebook page to view an assortment of personal photos shared by our clientele. From cupcake boxes used to store potted plants to handing out take out boxes at a wedding, there is no limit to what our food packaging items can do for you!

Learn From Our Nearly 100 Years of Service

Paper Mart has been in this business for nearly a century. With that comes years of learning what works for customers. We have perfected our products and invite you to review them to find what works for you. From our plastic food bags to ribbons and more, we have made a one-stop supply shop for you to enjoy.

We view all of our customers as family. Contact us if you have any questions about our products. One of our knowledgeable staff will be standing by to talk. We hope to hear from you soon!

If you do buy one of our products, let us know how you make it your own. As we said, we find inspiration from our customers, and want to know how our products bring out the creativity in you!