Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles

Here at Paper Mart, we are proud to offer our customers a great selection of plastic bottles for a fraction of the cost that you’d see at other stores or online retailers. That’s because we believe in providing the best possible prices to our customers. We’re thrilled to offer wholesale plastic bottles in bulk quantity as well; this makes stocking up for business, craft supplies, and home organization that much easier.

Perfect Packaging, Every Time

Quality is key when it comes to buying plastic bottles. Many retailers and wholesalers will offer plastic bottles at low prices, but don’t guarantee quality. Paper Mart has plastic bottles that you can count on, at wholesale prices that you won’t find anywhere else.

Travel Made Easy

There’s nothing more aggravating than being away from home without your favorite products. Everyone you know needs plastic bottles when they travel. Whether you are jetting off several times a month or only take the occasional weekend trip, make sure you have what you need to bring some of your favorite products with you while you’re on the road.

Spray and Pump Top Bottles

If you make your own beauty products, you’ll want to explore Paper Mart’s variety of plastic bottles wholesale. Whether you need spray tops for perfumes, body mists, or oils, or are looking for pump top bottles for lotions, creams, and liquid soaps, our dispenser top bottles will cover all of your product storage needs. High quality tops combined with study and attractively shaped plastic bottles at a fraction of the cost means that you can also afford to pass on your savings to your customers, so you can spend less time shopping for bargains and more time making products that people love.

PET Plastic Bottles

PET is a safe, recyclable packaging material, meaning these bottles are approved for usage as food storage containers, as well as for beauty and wellness needs. Our selection of PET plastic bottles wholesale comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can pick and choose depending on your plans for usage. By purchasing these plastic bottles wholesale, you are not only investing in a safe, durable product, but also a stylish and  elegant packaging material that will look attractive on any shelf or vanity.

Shrink Bands for Ultimate Security

For the most heavy-duty packaging option, opt to create a tamper-proof protection seal with our shrink bands made for durable heat sealing. Easy to use, sturdy, and dependable, our shrink bands allow you to package all of your products without having to think twice about spills, leaks, or breakage. Plus, our shrink bands come at the same low cost as our plastic bottles wholesale, so you don’t have to worry about sinking a ton of money into making your products airtight and safe.