Plaid & Gingham Ribbon

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  • 5/8"
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  • 7/8"
  • 1"
  • 1-1/4"
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  • 1-3/4"
  • 2"
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  • 3"
  • 4"

Plaid & Gingham Ribbon

There is something so sweet about plaid and gingham that we can’t resist: these classic patterns are an easy way to add charm to any package, gift, or craft project. Whether you are looking to add another layer to your Christmas packages, assembling an Easter basket, or getting ready to mail off a birthday gift, Paper Mart has what you’re looking for. And, because we offer our customers the best quality with the lowest prices, you’ll be able to stock up on enough ribbon to last you throughout the year, for whatever your needs might be.

Add a Finishing Touch to a Basket

Easter Baskets are the obvious candidates for plaid ribbon or gingham bows, but these patterns extend far beyond that: add a pretty, country feel to any gift basket with a gingham ribbon, or pick plaid in red or green to make your holiday gifts pop. Your friends and family will be sure to notice the extra care you took.

Make All of Your Packages Special

Gingham or plaid ribbon is a great way to put some polish on gifts and packages, adding some personality to a bouquet of flowers, or making the most of your party favor bags. With Paper Mart’s variety of colors, finishes, and details, you’re guaranteed to find a way to give beautiful gifts that have a truly personal look and feel. Our gingham and plaid ribbon options are great for baby showers, birthdays, and everything in between.

Excellent for Crafts, Décor, and More

The uses for ribbon in crafts and personal projects are nearly endless: use it to tie around your silverware or glassware when entertaining, use them to wrap a headband, or decorate a mason jar to double down on that sweet, rustic look. Gingham and plaid ribbon is even great for food: tie around your cake pops, cupcakes, or even a stack of homemade cookies for a treat that is as adorable as it is delicious.

A Wide Variety of Patterns and Materials

Our gingham and plaid ribbon options come in as many colors, patterns, and finishes as you could possibly need. Looking for something more subtle and classic? Try one of our simple but charming checkered options. Want to add a little glamour and glitz? Look no further than our selection of sheer ribbons or sumptuous plaids for a little more detail and depth.

Paper Mart: Shopping Made Easy

Paper Mart makes it simple to shop for the products you love. You can filter your search by color or width to ensure that you find the product that is exactly right for your needs. Have questions? We are always available to support our shoppers and would be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.