Plaid & Gingham Grosgrain Ribbon

Plaid & Gingham Grosgrain Ribbon

If you’re a ribbon enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to discover Paper Mart’s huge selection of plaid ribbon. We’re the most complete packaging store in the U.S., and our extensive ribbon collection simply can’t be beat. Here, you’ll discover a diverse variety––from colorful grosgrain ribbon to Rincon plaid in fun fall colors. Each ribbon is very high quality and suitable for many creative applications. Start browsing now to discover a new style of ribbon you’re sure to adore.

Our plaid ribbon is:
  • Perfect for decorating wrapping paper, gift baskets, and floral bouquets
  • Essential for party or wedding planners to stock up on for future decorating needs
  • Quality made with unique features
  • Available in a variety of fun colors and plaid designs

Quality Plaid Ribbon: Many Notable Features

Quality ribbon is a great thing to invest in. You can collect different varieties and keep them on hand for future creative projects. If you’re in the business of hospitality or entertaining, you’ll make use of any leftover ribbon in future decorating themes.

This is especially true if you choose ribbon with quality features, such as double-sided weaving. When the ribbon looks identical on both sides, you’ll have more freedom in how you use it, and it will also appear more luxurious. If you choose ribbon with wired edges, you’ll be able to shape it any way you like. The possibilities are endless!