Paper Towels

Paper Towels

Wholesale Paper Towel Styles

Budget-Friendly Paper Towels                          

In order to keep any home or business clean, you’ll need the right tools. One of the most essential items for keeping tidy and spotless are paper towels. When stocking up on paper towels, you need varieties that do the job well—without breaking your budget. Paper Mart offers wholesale paper towels in multi-fold and roll options at a cost you can manage. With Paper Mart’s wholesale prices and unbeatable quality, you can stock up on several paper towel styles to handle any mess.

Lightweight Options

For an economical and disposable towel solution, we offer lightweight single fold paper towels in bulk sizes to provide the best bargain. The single fold design makes them easy to stack and unfold, while also fitting perfectly in most towel dispensers. Paper Mart’s paper towel options also help keep costs under control; their all-purpose quality makes them ideal for cleaning up messes, wiping down windows, and more!

Towels with Extra Absorbency

If you need a disposable towel with extra absorbency, try our multifold paper towels. These wholesale paper towels are heavyweight, making them ideal for soaking up any kind of spill. With two-ply options, you can get the absorbent power you need for most messes. Designed to be extra soft, these multi-fold towels can be used comfortably and efficiently.

Stock up on all the paper towels you need at Paper Mart!