Paper Doilies

Paper Doilies

Paper lace doilies are an easy way to protect or beautify surfaces. While they’re often used as the base for centerpieces, candles, vases, and sculptures, they can also add a classic look to a variety of crafting projects. The basic characteristic of the paper doily is an openwork design that allows other colors and textures to shine through from beneath. Here at Paper Mart, we have a selection of 40+ styles of paper doilies, all in stock and ready to be shipped to you today.
  • Our collection includes:
  • French paper lace doilies
  • Silver and gold doilies
  • Normandy lace doilies
  • Heart-shaped doilies

If you have a specific project in mind and don’t see what you need here, please contact our customer-service department. We’re always working to expand our collection and we want to help you complete your project quickly and without unnecessary hassle. 

Lace Doilies

Our white paper lace doilies come in packs of 1000, making them the perfect choice for restaurants, bakeries, or large gatherings. They are also an affordable option for schoolteachers and parents, since they work well for a variety of crafting projects. Paper doilies add elegance to any project, and you won’t find them at a more affordable price. Stock up now and save money! If you need a smaller order, we can accommodate that as well.

Silver and Gold Doilies

For paper doilies that will really spice things up, try our gold doilies. Metallic colors attract attention and make for a striking appearance. These doilies are great decorations for holidays, weddings, and other special events. They feature an embossed metallic coating on one side and white paper on the other. We carry multiple sizes, each offering a different pattern. Stock up now and make your next special event even more festive!

Doilies are the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy or elegance to your crafting project. While they can be used to protect tables or add inexpensive beauty to a place setting, doilies are great for a variety of other crafts as well. 

Nothing adds a personal, beautiful touch to a handwritten letter like a doily pasted onto a handmade envelope. They can even be pasted together in a pretty pattern and used as a table runner for a special occasion. Doilies can also be used in place of traditional photo matting for a fun, vintage touch. If you're feeling particularly crafty, putting them together in a papier-mâché project to create delicate lampshades or candle holders is yet another option.

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