Paper Carton Sealing Tape

Paper Carton Sealing Tape

If you run a business that ships products, Kraft paper tape is an essential product. Our paper carton sealing tapes are made with vegetable-based adhesives that are odor free and help your packages look neat and well put together. They adhere quickly with no rubbing, allowing your employees do their jobs faster and easier. Whether you need plain tape or specialty tape for fragile shipments, you will find everything you’re looking for in our collection.

Kraft paper tape is ideal for:
  • Quickly fixing minor tears in cardboard signs or stands
  • Sealing products for shipment
  • Craft and art projects
  • Packing to move
  • Labeling certain boxes as fragile

Kraft Paper Tape: Ensure Your Products are Shipped Safely

Manufacturing amazing products is only half the battle. You also have to make sure that everything you ship arrives safely at your customer’s location. When you and your employees are equipped with the proper packaging supplies, everything flows smoothly.

The right packaging products can also help everyone who handles your product during the shipping process. By sealing your box using fragile printed paper tape, shippers will know to be extra careful.

We carry 14+ varieties of paper tape and offer discounts of 15 percent on orders over $300. Shop now for the tape you need for your company or personal project.