Bubble Mailers & Padded Mailing Envelopes

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Self-Sealing Air Bubble-Out Packaging BagsSelf-Sealing Air Bubble-Out Anti-Static BagsBubble Out Bags
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Padded Paper Mailers3/32" Thick Foam Pouches - With Flap1/8" Foam Pouches - No Flap
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Bubble Mailers & Padded Mailing Envelopes

Bubble mailers are the greatest invention since bubble wrap. Millions of companies and individual sellers use bubble envelopes every day to organize inventory, ship fragile items and provide secure packaging for valuable merchandise. With the boom of Internet commerce, bubble envelopes are more popular than ever.

Padded mailing envelopes reduce shipping costs and protect items, which can lower your rate of damage claims and increase profits. Padded envelopes with plastic or kraft paper exteriors are significantly lighter than other protective envelopes that are filled with shredded newsprint. In fact, one size 0 mailer weighs about half an ounce on average. This minimal weight gives you a wider variety of domestic and international shipping options that will cut down on your postage expenses. With this kind of savings, padded mailers can easily pay for themselves. Another attractive feature is that they are easy to use. Instead of using bubble wrap or shipping paper, you can even use padded envelopes as a way to wrap items inside boxes

Buy Bubble Mailers and Padded Envelopes for your Business

A case of padded mailing envelopes can simplify things for you and your customers. When you make a sale, you and your team can pick the order, put it in the padded envelope and close the self-sealing tab in seconds. Bubble mailers look professional and make a positive impression on customers who receive a well-packaged item. It doesn't matter what type of products you sell, there's a padded envelope designed for you.

Padded mailers from Jiffy and our exclusive Paper Mart product line are available in standard sizes between 000 and 7. We also stock mailers that fit CDs, DVDs and video cassettes. Smaller envelopes, such as 0, 00 and 000, are perfect for shipping jewelry, accessories, small parts and paperback books. Large envelopes can hold oversized books, clothing, picture frames and multiple CDs or DVDs. If you aren't sure which size you need, simply measure the width and thickness of the items that you usually sell, and add one-half inch to that number. Then, add 2.5 inches to the length and thickness of the product. 

Other Options

Padded mailing envelopes are available with a plastic or kraft paper exterior. Plastic mailers provide greater water and tear resistance. Kraft paper envelopes are made with a percentage of post-consumer or post-industrial content, which might be preferable if your business has a recycling pledge or eco-friendly mission statement. Both materials work well with handwritten addresses and self-adhesive shipping labels. Decorative padded mailers with reflective metallic finishes are also available for companies that want to stand out from the crowd. If you ship fragile electronics or other sensitive items, you might need separate foam envelopes or bubble wrap pouches that provide an extra layer of protection when used with padded envelopes.

Whatever you're shipping, Paper Mart can provide padded mailing envelopes that meet your unique requirements. Choose from dozens of sizes and styles that fit your products. Order one size or a combination of padded mailers for all of the products you sell. You can purchase a single case or many cases at once. We can satisfy orders for any quantity from small businesses and large corporations. We also carry a wide selection of tape. Tape is great for sealing the ends of padded envelopes for extra strength at the seal.

Our family has been distributing packing and shipping supplies for more than 90 years. We're committed to offering quality products, low prices and excellent service. Place an order online, or call us directly. We look forward to helping you grow your business by providing professional packing supplies and affordable shipping envelopes.